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Warriors:The Faded Light Chapter 1
The Slow moving river hit Minnowpaw's paws as she sat near the river with Darkpaw. Minnowpaw waited for fish to come, koi, trout anything would be nice since The Great Hunger ended. Darkpaw scratched his ear with his claws, the tom eyes still placed on the river. "What you doing, got a tick in your ear." Minnowpaw joked. Darkpaw glared at her with his amberish yellow eyes. "No you mousebrain!" Darkpaw mewed. Minnowpaw laughed a bit, her eyes still on the river. Minnowpaw saw a trout swim past, Her slashed her claw into the river splashing both herself and Darkpaw. She picked up the trout before she saw Darkpaw give her a glare. "Really, you have to put it in so you don't splash yourself, let me show you." Darkpaw voice was harsh as he put his paw in the river, Darkpaw claw a fish only creating a small splash. "Okay thanks for showing me..." Minnowpaw mewed.
Minnowpaw ran back to camp with Darkpaw, there fish hanging in there mouths. "Your Back!" Pinepaw mewed running to them. Darkpaw g
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Humen Adopt #1 OPEN by ShockLikeThunder Humen Adopt #1 OPEN :iconshocklikethunder:ShockLikeThunder 3 0
Warriors: The Faded light Prolouge
Coldstar sat on the oak-pile, her eyes focused on the stars in the sky. "Coldstar, you ok." The gray tom said to her. "I'm fine Cloudymoon." Coldstar mewed. "Is the lack of prey bothering you again, that was two moons back you know?" Cloudymoon asked. "I know, but that cost us most of our warriors, like Reedfoot." Coldstar remembered how her mate had died during the Great Hunger. "At least you still got your kits." Cloudymoon reminded her. "Minnowpaw, Quickpaw and Primrosepaw are noble cats, just like there father." Coldstar responded. "Darkpaw's training has been going well to." Coldstar added. "Ya I came to talk about Darkpaw." Cloudymoon said. "What about him, we both know he's not going to be a medicine cat Cloudymoon." Coldstar said. "No its not that, I noticed that the hunger started soon after we took him in, from that rouge." Cloudymoon said. "Your blaming the hunger on a innocent apprentice?" Coldstar asked quietly. "No its not like that, I think Starclan is punishing us for t
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Breezeclan Warriors: The Faded Light
Allegiances of The Faded Light
Leader: Coldstar ( Calico she cat with heather eyes )
Deputy: Splashfrost ( Pure white tom)
Medicine cat: Cloudymoon ( Gray tom with white speckles)
BirchTooth (Pale Brown tom)
Apprentice: Darkpaw
Gingerpatch ( Orange and white she cat)
Apprentice: Minnowpaw
Voleheart ( Brown she cat with black paws)
Apprentice: Primrosepaw
MeadowFlower ( Pinkish white she cat)
Apprentice: Quickpaw
HollyBranch ( Black she cat with brown spots)
Apprentice: Pinepaw
Twigtail ( Red tom )
Sanddust ( Pale yellow tom)
Darkpaw ( Pure black tom with pure black stripes)
Minnowpaw ( Gray she cat with brown stripes)
Primrosepaw ( Light gray she cat )
Quickpaw ( tortoiseshell she cat )
Pinepaw (Reddish brown tom)
Hopstep ( calico she cat, Mother to Hatchkit pure gray tom and Willowkit Brown she kit)
CloudDapple ( white tom with black spots )
HoneyBear ( Cream tom)
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Yes this was made with a pencil and a marker by ShockLikeThunder Yes this was made with a pencil and a marker :iconshocklikethunder:ShockLikeThunder 0 0
Warrior cats Fan story: The stars above chapter 4
Coalkit woke up right next to his littermates and mother, Nightbird. "Coalkit your up early." Nightbird said to him. "I know mother but its the day where I get to become an apprentice after moons." Coalkit responded. Just then Crowmouse came into the nursery. "Hey Coalkit, good morning." Crowmouse said to him. "thanks for waking me." Tansykit mewed. "You woke me up to." Maplekit squeaked. "Me too!" Spiderkit said. "Oh sorry." Coalkit mewed. "Always noisy aren't you Coalkit." Nightbird mewed. Coalkit looked down, he knew that cats call him and his littermates kittypet and his dad refused to explain why. "Why is mother treating me like me like I'm only a moon, I'm six moons not one moon." Coalkit thought. "Come on lets go outside its our ceremony today!" Maplekit mewed as she and the other ran out of the nursery.
Coalkit sat with his littermates as more cats gathered around High-Tree. "Today we have four kits ready to begin there training." Deerstar mewed. "If only Marshkit, Blackkit and
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Code Eyes by ShockLikeThunder Code Eyes :iconshocklikethunder:ShockLikeThunder 0 0 Marsh ( The wolf i got ) by ShockLikeThunder Marsh ( The wolf i got ) :iconshocklikethunder:ShockLikeThunder 1 0
Warrior Cats Fan Story: The Stars Above Chapter 3
"Sparkpaw run and get Swiftherb!" Crowmouse yelled. Sparkpaw looked at the she cat with horror, then ran quickly to the camp. Sparkpaw's heart was betting in fear, she had to get back to camp as fast as she can or that she cat will die. Sparkpaw's paw were beating the ground, her eyes seeing the wind around her. Just pass this forest is the camp, she can make it right? She pushed the question away, She felt the sticks snapping under her paws. Sparkpaw could see the camp, her eyes running in her head. She ran into the camp, seeing the cats around her. "Where is Swiftherb?" Sparkpaw yelled, her paws feeling like they were crushed. "She is not here, I can come." Bluebellpaw said poking out of her den. "What do you need Swiftherb for?" Whisperpaw mewed. She ignored the question, her head was not thinking right, was that cat dead? "Great come with me!" Sparkpaw yelled before running out of camp.
Squeakpaw watched as the she cat layed with the kits she had, Blood covering the cat's fur. "Nut
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Cookie dough Reference Sheet by ShockLikeThunder Cookie dough Reference Sheet :iconshocklikethunder:ShockLikeThunder 1 0


Squirrelflight (2018 Redraw) by LokiDrawz Squirrelflight (2018 Redraw) :iconlokidrawz:LokiDrawz 629 34 Spyro Sunrise by TsaoShin Spyro Sunrise :icontsaoshin:TsaoShin 3,866 246 Daily Paint 2013# 4-Day Furcast by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint 2013# 4-Day Furcast :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 7,694 394 Breezepelt Redo by flash-the-artist Breezepelt Redo :iconflash-the-artist:flash-the-artist 60 7 Angsty Teen (Ready as I'll Ever Be Fanart) by flash-the-artist Angsty Teen (Ready as I'll Ever Be Fanart) :iconflash-the-artist:flash-the-artist 85 3
OC Battle 2 Submissions
Hello everyone! This Journal is for submissions for the second Warrior Cats OC Contest on my YouTube channel.
Additional details and prizes:
If you would like your OC to be part of this, leave a comment on this journal in this format:
Eye Color:
Describe Appearance and/or link a reference:
IMPORTANT: If I select your character for the contest, I will send you a private message. If you do not respond to that message within 24 hours, I will choose someone else, and you will not be eligible for the contest. There is no set date that I will send out these messages, so I recommend that you check your DeviantArt once a day until I announce that I am done choosing OC's. If you are selected and able to confirm that you want to be in the contest, you will still be responsible for answering two sets of questions that I will send you. Once you answer those, you will be an official member of the top 10.
I will post another journal onc
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along side Warrior cats Fan story: The stars above I will be making another story called Warriors: The Faded Light. The list of cats will be coming soon. Don't worry The Stars Above fans, I will still be making The Stars Above along with The Faded Light!


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